IBF-Accredited CFA Singapore Programmes

The IBF-Accredited CFA Singapore Programme allows candidates to attain the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation and IBF certifications at the same time. Upon completion of the IBF assessment, the candidate would be entitled to up to 90% funding reimbursement for the course fees of the IBF-Accredited CFA Singapore Programmes through IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS).

Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for details.

What is IBF-STS and who is eligible?

The IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS) provides funding for training and assessment programmes accredited under the IBF Standards targeting the financial sector.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Be a Singaporean or PR (Permanent Resident), physically based in Singapore
  • Either self-paid or company-sponsored
  • Successfully complete the training programme (including passing all relevant assessments at each level ), with at least 75% of class attendance

Below 40 years old Singaporean and Singapore PR Or 40 years old and above singapore PR

Will receive 70% funding reimbursement on successful completion of the IBF assessments at each level.

40 years old and above Singaporean only

Will receive 90% funding reimbursement on successful completion of the IBF assessments at each level.

Note: Reimbursement of fund is subject to assessment and meeting minimum entry requirements. The number of assessments is at the discretion of The Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF). For detailed information, please Click here for details.

Who should attend?

CFA exam candidates or professionals working in the banking and financial sector who are interested in upskilling with IBF funding support.

Study at your own convenience

We offer both face-to face and online classes so you can select a schedule that suits you. Face to face classes will be held at Kaplan City campuses in Wilkie Edge and PoMo, while you can study at your own pace anytime through our online classes.

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For enquiries, please contact our course consultant.
Chris Chow
Telephone: 6309 5803 / 8914 0685 (Click to Whatsapp or SMS)
Email: chris.chow@kaplan.com | contact.sg@kaplan.com

Lenny Samsodin
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1. What is an IBF assessment?
The syllabuses for the IBF level 1, 2 and 3 assessments are referenced to the Levels I, II and III of the CFA® exam, plus some additional content on Singapore local regulations.

The format for each paper is as follows:

  • IBF Level 1 assessment includes 100 questions in 2.5 hours
  • IBF Level 2 assessment includes 60 question in 3 hours
  • IBF Level 3 assessment includes 75 questions in 3.5 hours

The assessment will take place after the CFA® exams and resits will be arranged if the candidate is unsuccessful on his/her first time.

Click here for more information about IBF assessment.

2. What designation will I receive after passing the IBF assessment?
Candidates who successfully complete the IBF Level 1 Programme will be conferred the IBF Qualified (IBQF) certification status.

3. How to I apply for the IBF-STS funding?
For individual candidates, Kaplan and CFA Society Singapore will be assisting to submit the claim to IBF directly for reimbursement once the candidate meets the eligibility criteria.

4. What are the eligibility criteria of IBF-STS funding?
There are 3 criteria that candidates need to meet:

  • Singaporean or PR
  • Obtain 75% attendance
  • Pass an IBF assessment at the end of the course

5. What happens if I failed the IBF assessment?
Each candidate will have 3 attempts to pass the IBF assessment. Upon doing so, the claim can be submitted to IBF.

6. Can I get funding reimbursement if I fail my CFA Exam?
The CFA Exam is not part of the eligibility criteria for IBF-STS claims. You will need to meet above 3 eligibility criteria to be eligible for the reimbursement of training fee.

7. When will I be receiving the reimbursement of training fee?
Reimbursement of training fee will normally be received after 6-8 months from claim submission.

8. How will attendance be monitored for online classes?
Registration of attendance will be based on the viewing of online lectures or recordings of the lecturers. All students must meet a minimum requirement of 75% viewing rate to be eligible for funding.

9. Can I still recieve funding even if I fail to watch all lectures for online classes?
The funding is strictly based on 75% attendance/viewing rate, and if this has not been met, the funding will not be available and no rebate will be provided.