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June Level I SchweserNotes™

A favorite among CFA® Program candidates for over 30 years, SchweserNotes™ is a key component as you prepare for the CFA Program exam and the Core element to our Study Program. Absorbing the CFA Program curriculum in its entirety is no simple task. Make the most of your study time with clear, exam-focused study notes and examples that cover every Learning Outcome Statement in the most effective manner possible.

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Print, eBooks, or online tools? Why not have it all?

  • Your study package includes both print and eBook options at no additional cost. However, if you’d like to receive eBook/Digital options only, you may select that option in the cart and save on shipping costs.

NEW Activity Feed and Platform
Our redesigned Learning Management System Dashboard features simplified navigation and an upgraded task activity feed.

  • Schedule days off and watch your Activity Feed adjust accordingly
  • See a weekly breakdown of activities and remaining study hours
  • Track your pace and progress against the recommended study hours per week
  • Easily locate your available study tools
  • View upcoming events to remind you of class dates

With this upgraded platform and redesigned Activity Feed, you never have to worry about falling behind in your studies. We truly take the guesswork out of your study plan.

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