CFA IBF-STS Accredited Programs Available

CFA®-IBF Accredited Singapore Programs

The CFA®-IBF Accredited CFA Singapore Program allows candidates to attain the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation and IBF certifications at the same time. Upon completion of the IBF assessment, the candidate would be entitled to up to 70% funding reimbursement for the course fees of the IBF-Accredited CFA® Singapore Program through IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS).

Find out more about IBF Certification Levels and its benefits here.

What is the IBF Standards Training Scheme?

The IBF Standards Training Scheme ("IBF-STS") provides funding for training and assessment courses:

  • That cover key skills needed in the financial sector.
  • Accredited under the Skills Framework for Financial Services (SFwFS).

This scheme is available for both self-sponsored and company-sponsored individuals.

To check out eligibility criteria, funding quantum or find out more, click here.

Who should attend?

CFA® exam candidates or professionals working in the banking and financial sector who are interested in upskilling with IBF funding support.

For more information on the CFA®-IBF Program, check out our website here.

Study at your own convenience

We offer both face-to face and online classes so you can select a schedule that suits you. Face to face classes will be held at Kaplan City campus in Wilkie Edge, while you can study at your own pace anytime through our online classes.

For enquiries, please contact our Course Consultant at:

Mr Tan Jian Hui

Telephone: +65 8317 8269 (Click to WhatsApp)