SchweserNotes Audio MP3 (2020)
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Level II SchweserNotes™ Audio MP3

The audio version of SchweserNotes™ helps reinforce your understanding of the CFA ® Program curriculum while you are on a commute, at home, or in the gym. Through our professional readings of the SchweserNotes™, you can acquire essential knowledge and maintain top-of-mind awareness while you prepare for all the major topics and concepts in the CFA Program curriculum.

Audio SchweserNotes™ features:

  • 20+ hours of audio that covers the entire curriculum
  • In-depth explanations of all Learning Outcome Statements (LOS)
  • Online download

Purchase Options: Can be purchased as an individual product or added on to any study package for only $179.

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"Schweser provides incredible study efficiency. All its materials are very objective, yet complete. The audio notes turned my daily commute into amazingly productive sessions."

Flavio M., Level II

"Schweser allowed me to balance a hectic work schedule and still be fully prepared to sit the Level III exam. Superb technology and tools available to allow you prepare on the move."

Paul M., Level III