FRM® Program Study Materials

What is the FRM® (Financial Risk Manager) Designation?

Offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals™ (GARP®), the FRM® designation is a financial risk management certification you can earn. Many of the top financial firms employ Certified FRMs because they are seen as having attained the “gold standard” of the industry. The FRM® designation indicates that you have a strong understanding of the underlying risk management concepts in today’s ever-changing financial markets. It also lets employers know that you take risk management seriously and that your knowledge has been validated by international professional standards. In addition, you have to pass the FRM® Exam, which also demonstrates your expertise.

    FRM® Program and Exam

    The FRM® Certification is the true standard for educational excellence in risk management and a gateway to achieving new career heights in the risk profession. Be a part of an elite network that spans over 80,000 individuals employed at the world’s top banks, asset management firms, consulting firms, and regulators. For more information on the FRM® Program and Exam Details, please click here

    Purchase of Study Materials

    Candidates may purchase the following packages from the Kaplan Schweser FRM® Study Materials:

    • Premium (Core + Instruction + Review) Package
    • Essential (Core) Package
    • SchweserNotes™ (Basic) Package

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