How to Pass the CFA® Program Exam Webinar Series

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How to Pass the CFA® Program Exam Webinar Series

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How to Pass the CFA ® Program Exam (Available On-Demand)

Join Dr. B.J. Tolia, CFA as he discusses the Level II CFA Program curriculum, the key differences between Level I and II, and study strategies that have been proven to work.

Sample Class - Early Start Online Class (Available On-Demand)

There is no better way to ensure content retention and exam-taking confidence than by reinforcing your studies with Weekly Classes. Get a sample of our Early Start Online class, led by Dr. B.J. Tolia, CFA.

Creating an Effective Study Plan (Available On-Demand)

Level I was a test of your knowledge of the ethical and professional standards of sound financial analysis. In the Level II CFA Program exam, you’ll be tested on your ability to use that knowledge in realistic situations that analysts face. Learn how to develop a proper study plan and how to stay on track through your 300 hours.

Handling a Difficult CFA ® Program Exam Topic - Derivatives (Available On-Demand)

Each level of the CFA ® Program exam has a topic that can cause candidates to stumble. Join Dr. B.J. Tolia, CFA as he guides you through what you need to know about Derivatives.

Live CFA Sample Classes

Meet Our Level II CFA® Program Expert:

Vice President of CFA Program Education, Kaplan Schweser
Vice President of CFA Program Education, Kaplan Schweser

Dr. Bijesh (B.J.) Tolia, CFA, CA

Vice President of CFA Program Education, Kaplan Schweser

Greg joined the faculty of Penn State University, the Behrend College, as professor of finance in 2006 and holds the Samuel P. Black III Professorship of Finance and Risk Management. He has published more than 100 articles in referenced journals and authored 10 books.

Greg is the recipient of the Penn State 2010 and 2012 Outstanding iMBA faculty member, 2011 Council of Fellows Outstanding Research Award, and 2013 Outstanding Service Award.

His research studies are focused within the investments, portfolio management, and behavioral finance areas In addition to ten years of experience in academia (Miami University and the University of Toledo), he has seven years of experience as senior vice-president of Schweser, a division of Kaplan, Inc. At Kaplan, Greg headed the content and curriculum areas and started and led the marketing and sales areas. He has trained candidates for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designations on a worldwide basis. Greg earned his Doctorate in Finance from the University of Kentucky, his Master’s in Applied Statistics from Penn State University, and a BS in Engineering Physics from Murray State University.

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