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PremiumPlus™ Package

Starting at $1,640.00 SGD

This all-inclusive study package contains the same Core + Instruction + Review tools found in the Premium Package, but allows you to select a Live Online option for your Instruction and Review. Learn, ask questions, and engage with expert instructors in a live classroom environment with a set schedule…providing structure and guidance to your CFA study plan.

Premium Package

Starting from $1,200.00 SGD

Your exam preparation begins with a personalized Activity Feed that schedules weekly tasks based on your study time frame and exam date. Each task is strategically placed to follow our proven study plan that covers the entire curriculum. Begin preparing for your exam by reading SchweserNotes™, practicing the concepts with integrated quizzes from the SchweserPro™ QBank, and learning from CFA Program instructors in your OnDemand classes. Once you’ve learned the material, test your performance with our Mock Exams to measure your readiness for the actual CFA exam.

CFA® Level III OnDemand Classes

Learn from expert instructors on your own schedule with in-depth video lectures covering every topic in the Level III CFA® Program curriculum.

The OnDemand class includes:

  • 50 hours of OnDemand classes led by an expert instructor
  • A two-volume set of Class Workbooks containing material, examples, and questions to support your instruction
  • Access to the Kaplan Schweser Community forum, where you can engage with instructors and fellow candidates
  • InstructorLink which gives you a direct line to our instructors

"Kaplan Schweser provided a roadmap and the tools to navigate and learn the material in a very effective way suitable to all learning styles."

Adam S., 2017 Level I

"Great overall experience with Schweser. Comprehensive yet concise core materials that allow for an efficient study of the curriculum, and impressive add-ons such as the question bank, mock exams and online streaming courses. Highly recommended."

Derek S., 2017 Level II