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Level III Practice Exams

Practice makes perfect…especially when preparing for the challenge of the rigorous 3-level CFA ® exam. Accessing all of the material you’ve absorbed is difficult enough—you don’t need any surprises on exam day. These four carefully crafted exams will introduce you to the format you’ll face and instill the confidence you need on exam day.


  • Apply your learning, gauge your progress, and build confidence with the 4 full-length tests in Practice Exams.
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen trouble areas and complete your knowledge base.
  • Prepare, Practice, Perform ® methodology ensures complete comprehension and mastery of the principles and skills you need to be successful.

"Together, the SchweserNotes and Practice Exams were integral in mastering the material and feeling confident on exam day."

Stuart E.

"I can't imagine preparing for the CFA exam without the Kaplan Schweser videos, QBank, and Practice Exams. In my opinion, if you utilize these study tools, you will be very well prepared for the exam."

Sherri S., Level II